Sensory Box

Sensory play and loose parts provide children a beautiful invitation to create. Encourage imagination through play and the development of fine motor skills with any of our Sensory Boxes. The components in each box can be used for dough modelling, loose parts play, in sensory bins, to create small worlds, counting and sorting activities, and so much more. The possibilities are endless with these Sensory Boxes!

Sensory Box includes:

– Three natural, scented, handmade sensory dough

– One plastic divided box

– Assorted loose parts

These Sensory Boxes are thoughtfully curated and include handmade scented sensory dough in durable divided boxes, perfect for storing time after time.

While using dough and loose parts together, children will:

  • Use different senses
  • Problem Solve
  • Work on their fine motor skills while picking up small items, and by pinching, squishing, and manipulating dough with their hands
  • Build language as you help identify objects, actions, and concepts (in and out, soft and hard, colors, scents, and numbers)
  • Calm themselves (playing with sensory objects, like dough, can have a calming, soothing effect on children)

Our handmade dough is soft, squishy, smells DELICIOUS, and provides plenty of opportunities for sensory exploration.

Although our dough is made of ingredients found in the kitchen, dough should not be eaten! Everything in this box should be considered a choking hazard and is intended for children over age 3. Children should only use these materials under direct adult supervision.

Dough colors, textures and fragrances can vary, due to the nature of the natural ingredients used. Store in an airtight container to preserve the doughs wonderful smell and texture fresh for weeks.

Teach! Learn! Enjoy!
-Preschool With Mama.

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